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lifestyle vape

I’ve been vaping for 2 years now, and I’ve never hated it as much as I do right now. The first thing I’m doing when I open the vape shop is to get a vape for myself. I don’t smoke or vape, but I make sure to have one. The main reason that I love…

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lifestyle resorts punta cana

This life choice is actually a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Life Resort and Punta Cana are both resort-style communities in Costa Rica, which offer a wide range of activities and services, from swimming pools to yoga classes. Life Resort is a family-friendly resort that offers great services for visitors with children. Punta…

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bose lifestyle 35

I recently had a conversation with a friend about how they could make the best of their lives, while still living the bose lifestyle. In conversation, they shared that they aren’t necessarily afraid to live a life that is “uncomfortable”. The idea that what you do on a daily basis shouldn’t cause you to feel…

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lifestyle swimming

In this video I’m talking about the idea of lifestyle, which is a term we use to describe the way we live our daily lives. It’s basically how we spend our time, what we do, what we view as important, and what we look like. The term lifestyle is one that's been around for a…

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lifestyle screens

The question of being self-aware, or self-aware of what we wish to be self-aware of, has been a common topic of conversation for a long time. The question has always been of the same nature: Should we be aware of our own screen habits, or should we not. For example, you might be like me…

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