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gorean lifestyle rules

"Don’t make eye contact with strangers," goes some Korean advice. "Don't speak if you don’t have to." This one is a little bit different but it’s also a good one. The idea is to do everything within your power to avoid being noticed. This is something that so many people struggle with. I think it…

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lifestyle modeling

It’s easier said than done. In the beginning, we tend to model ourselves by our parents, friends, or other adults in our lives. As we get older, we tend to model ourselves by our peers, our coworkers, and our online community. It may be time to think about modeling yourself. Your online community may be…

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lifestyle business ideas

Our lifestyle business ideas are the reason we are here. These ideas can be our passion, our passion for learning, or our passion for being challenged and growing. We are passionate about helping others to succeed. We are passionate about learning about growing and succeeding in our own lives. We are passionate about challenging ourselves…

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pochi lifestyle

I’ve been a self-aware person since I was eight years old. The first thing that I did was read books. It took time and effort with no real reward, but it was enough to get me out of my shell and realize that I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was. Ive always been…

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niche lifestyle

For me, I’ve always been a “niche lifestyle” person. I’ve always been a “small town girl” and grew up in a rural area. I’ve always been a creative person and a writer. I was always a pretty chill person and that’s the only way I can express myself. For me, Ive always been into something…

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lifestyle tv shows

I can remember watching The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, America’s Next Top Model, or Lifetime while growing up. There was always something to watch on the television (and there were several on the internet, too). There are other things that were on the television, too, like the very short-lived The Real World. I know…

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